All You Required To Know About Textile Weight– What Is GSM In Fabric?

Discovering the excellent fabric is currently challenging enough as it is, but when you bring the concern of fabric weight and viability things appear to get harder. Yet we are here to help! In this blog, we will certainly clarify what gsm is and why it is essential when selecting the perfect textile. We will certainly likewise review what a variety of gsm fabrics are commonly made use of for as well as why they are advantageous. So remain tuned to discover a lot more.

What Does GSM Represent?

Simply “gsm” stands for grams per square meter. It is the metric dimension made use of in regard to the weight of a textile. In the US, material weight is typically measured in ounces per square backyard, but numerous other nations make use of gsm. This measurement helps you to get a suggestion of what sort of material you are purchasing. You require to think about the usage of the material based on the suitable weight. Generally, it is usually thought that the heavier the weight the thicker the fabric is. It is likewise thought that the thicker the material the extra durable it is, for example, denim jeans last for several years, whereas lighter material shirts require higher treatment, like linin. Do bear in mind that the weight does not necessarily associate to the density of the textile so do bear that in mind. And weight does not identify quality.

The Weight Categories & Instances


These fabrics vary from 1gsm– 150gsm

Examples: Fabric, Chiffon, Shoelace, and Linen


Medium weight:

Ranging from 150gsm– 350gsm

Examples: Velour, Sateen, Polyester, and also Nylon.



350gsm + is seen as being a heavyweight fabric.

Instances: Canvas, Suede, Woollen, Poplin, and Denim


What To Think about When Picking A Weight

To create the excellent garment, or discover the best-matched material for a project, it is useful to understand if the weight of the fabric will certainly straighten with your preferred end result. Here are a few points to take into consideration when selecting a fabric’s weight.

Climate condition

Light-weight materials are commonly utilized for even more warm and breathable things in addition to intimates such as underclothing. They generally have an even more preferable drape, as well as might even require a backing fabric in order to produce an extra structured result. Thicker materials already provide this structure as they are generally stiffer so are a whole lot better at maintaining their form.


Relying on the textile some that are heavier in weight are seen to be a lot much less comfortable. Take denim as an example. Much heavier jeans is a whole lot denser so is attended be a lot much less comfortable due to its durable nature. Nevertheless, this implies that is it a whole lot even more durable so is made to truly last. As it is stiff this might trigger difficulty when placing on and removing the garment, along with a more limited and also unpleasant motion.


If you desire a sturdy as well as long lasting looking clothing thing that keeps its shape after that you need a tool to heavyweight fabric. If you want an extra flowy, light as well as breezy look then a lightweight fabric is ideal for you. Selecting the best weight can attain your wanted appearance and also drape and will be a lot less complicated to deal with.

Normal Weights & Utilizes– What is gsm In Fabric?

Tea Gown

In order to help you obtain a better understanding as well as really imagine what does gsm means in fabric, it serves to understand the fabric weight and also have instances of their favored use.


Perfect for summertime gowns, tees, leggings, and also underclothing. The favored weight for summer clothing.

Tool Weight:

Perfect for pants, thicker shirts and tees, as well as pillows as well as other furnishings alike.


Coats, jackets, hoodies, and also furniture all require a hefty and sturdy textile weight.

How To Check A Material Weight?

Now you have a much better idea of what you are searching for, this is how you can figure out the weight of your fabric. First of all you can compare its top qualities to what we have actually outlined over. From considering most textiles you can tell what weight group they will fall into, however, in the circumstances that you can not this is exactly how you can find out:

When acquiring a material the gsm is usually displayed on the website or in-store. Nevertheless, if you like to utilize textile scraps, or have a selection of fabrics laying around and wonder regarding what weight they might be then you can adhere to these straightforward steps.

Cut a small rectangular shape from the material, making use of a ruler to make sure the lines are straight. After that gauge the size and also size to calculate the surface area (Width x size). Consider the rectangular shape making use of a precision electronic range and keep in mind the weight in grams. To make your last calculation and discover what is gsm in fabric, make use of the formula listed below:

10,000 ÷ (area cm ² X weight g )

Produce Custom-made Fabrics

Now that you know what is gsm in material and also what weight appropriates for different usages it is time to develop your very own custom textiles for your following large job. At Contrado you can print your layouts and art work onto a selection of fabrics. We have more than 100 textiles all set for you to release your creativity on, in a variety of weights! Click the banner to print on personalized textiles today.

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