exactly how to wear the sweater at the office?

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Yes cause, even if now fashion week spring/summer 2015 is in ALL the magazines, IRL (in genuine life) it is still incredibly cold.

And, even if we secretly desire we might stay hidden under our quilts all day long, IRL (L is a bitch), most of us have to go to work every day.

And dressing for the office when it is chilly is tricky. If your office has a gown code of course. Otherwise, wear your oversize knitted sweater if you feel like it.

Maybe my topic sounds odd to some of you, but this is a concern that I commonly get asked as some feel the sweater is as well casual for the office and they’d rather go for cardigans or blazer layering, which are great but can end up beeing boring or old stylish.
So right here are some inspirations on exactly how to wear sweaters in a office proof way

1. You work in a “business attire” office

Tailored blazers, pants, dresses and skirts are required at your job.

Wearing sweaters instead of the normal shirt+ blazer combo will update your look while making it feel a lot more cosy but no less elegant.

For winter, I suggest cashmere, merinos wool or angora: warm high quality fabrics with thin knits that look a lot more expert than cable knits.

a. V neck sweaters

Choose it loose allover with a rib stitch band on the hips so that looks great but not sloppy.

By Funda

Ellen Claesson

Is this for me? This shape is best for most of us and is particularly flattering for the busty girls who struggle with button-ups. avoid if you have a bony decolletage.

What to wear it with? Wear it with traditional work garments items like pencil skirts, tailored pants.

One or a number of necklaces can great too.

b. Turtleneck sweater

The turtleneck will add a seventies minimalist sophistication to your outfit.

It can be either close-fitting or somewhat oversized.

Beware that it is not as well tight, even if you got an remarkable figure.



Is this for me? best for petite ladies with long necks. If you have broad shoulders or are extremely busty that can make you look “boxy”. If you are busty, pay attention that the turtle neck is fluid and not as well tight.

How to wear it? With traditional business skirts and pants.

– If you have a defined waist and are using a thin close-fitting turtle neck, you can tuck it in high waisted pants or skirts.

– If you have a round belly, select a larger version and wear it on top of your pants/skirt

– If you have a flat belly, you can try low waist tailored pants with close-fitting turtleneck.

Pair it with big earrings or bracelets or nothing but avoid necklaces, that look as well “mumsy”.

And avoid the tight top with tight bottom combo.

c. team neck

I suggest it to be nor tight nor oversize (again). loose but fitting the hips.

Is it for me? exact same as the turtleneck, if you are extremely busty, or have broad shoulders, V neck is a a lot more flattering choice.

What to wear it with? exact same as the two others.

2. You work in a “business casual” office

You have to stay traditional but don’t requirement to look like a businesswoman.

Therefore you can attempt the prints, fun knits, fluffs,  adornments, and even sweat-shirts if worn in a chic way.

The only things you have to pay attention to are:

– not looking as well cosy as if you were home

– that your sweater doesn’t look old.

3. You work in a casual office

You can wear what you want. So… wear every sweater you want!

But hey you are still at work so stay away from the sloppy ones and the ones with bad fabrics.


And you, do you wear sweaters at your office?

Cover collage: Husk, Zara

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