exactly how to wear skinnies in tall boots

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In the late noughties, we utilized to channel our inner Kate Moss wearing skinny jeans tucked inside tall boots.

One decade later, this pattern seemed to have totally disappeared… except for some ladies who did not let go of the past trends.

Good news for them, they might now be considered as trendsetters (better than trendlaters)… the look is back!

In October, I woke up feeling like tucking my black skinny jeans inside my tall eco-friendly boots. So I did!

It looked so great I wondered why I stopped doing it… as well as then started wondering why  I suddenly had the inspiration to do so since I did not keep in mind having seen the look back in the street recently. So I searched my head to discover out where the trigger came from and… found! The last Céline show by Hedi Slimane of course! Those so traditional outfits twisted by remarkable knee hight boots got printed somewhere in my mind.

Why shall you wear this mix in 2020? since it produce the best legs ever whilst being practical.

1/ select pants that match the boots

Black on black is timeless.

Perfect to make everybody believe you have endless legs.

Kate Moss looking soooo 2008. however likewise so now with the pilot jacket! A bit more oversized as well as the ressemblance with 2020 would be baffling.

2/ prevent matching your top with your boots

If you do so, make sure there not as well much of a contrast: the “sandwich” impact would cut the silhouette.

Kate Moss from the past again: her dark jeans do not contrast much with her black boots.
She likewise did utilize the huge contrast sandiwich outfit however she is Kate Moss so whatever suits her. 

3/ utilize shades close to another

For a soft style.

Like in this outfit where the burgundy boots echo the light brown jacket over soft blue jeans as well as a neutral white Tee. 

4/ select shades that are on the exact same brightess level

Again, our aim is to lenghten the silhouette.

Marion Lietout wearing dark burgundy with black.

5/ Wear almostnochrome

Where the base is the exact same color however the boots are different.

This way, the silhouette is only cut in one part.

Caroline Issa for style du monde: the coat layer likewise beautifully styles this almostnochrome. 

6/ Make your boots the statement piece of your outfit


How to select your tall boots? 

The simpler the shade the better.

I suggest to stay away from superfluous details as always (buttons, zips, etc…) except if those truly are a statement (like an all over lacing).

Then leather texture as well as colors depend of your liking. Suede, smooth, texture… there are many options available!

As the pattern is currently ongoing, you’ll discover great designs in shops… or look into second hand as well as vintage shops. You can discover some stunning seventies or eighties boots starting from 40 euros!

And you? Are you prepared to wear this trend? Or shall it stay in the past? 

Bises de Paris,


My take on jean in boots with a statement boot along soft colors

Cover collage: vintage Kate Moss, the Sartorialist

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